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Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Game Pleads Gulity!!!

Rapper The Game is to plead guilty to felony gun charges in an effort to save the expense of a lengthy trial that could put him behind bars for five years.

The Dreams hitmaker stands accused of making criminal threats and possessing a firearm in a school zone during a fight in the middle of a basketball game last year.

The Game - real name Jayceon Taylor - pleaded not guilty to all charges in September (07), but now he has changed his mind, even though he insists he's still innocent.

He tells Monsta magazine, "The crazy part about this is that I've had guns before in my life. But this time I didn't have a gun. "Because one person said I had a gun and coaxed his homies into saying that I had a gun, I'm in a predicament where I'm asking, 'Do I want to spend another million dollars to fight this trial, so who knows what jury's gonna come in and say I'm guilty? Or do I want to save my money, go sit down for four months and accept this felony they're trying to give me for no reason?'"

His ass know he had a GUN and was trying to scare someone!!!

1 comment:

Don said...

Guns near schools will get The Game thrown away.

lol @ you saying he know he had a gun