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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jay's 40/40 Employees Get No Love!!!

Managers at hip-hop mogul Jay-Z's newly-opened Las Vegas sports bar have been accused of abusing staff.

The latest venue in the rapper's 40/40 Club chain opened in December (07), just two days before the New Year celebrations.

But the club has been plagued by reports of unprofessional work ethics, with several former staff members speaking out about the poor treatment of employees.

According to Las Vegas Weekly magazine, an estimated 100 employees of the 40/40 Club have voluntarily resigned or been fired from their jobs since its launch.

And many disgruntled workers have gone public with their complaints, including allegations of unfair dismissals, threats, degrading treatment and use of the derogatory term 'n**ger' by members of the management team - rumored to be led by Carter's operating partner Desiree Perez, the wife of co-owner Juan Perez.

But club manager Ramon Mata has played down reports of problems at the venue, saying: "As with all new business, you find out in your first few days of operations what staffing levels are needed. We adjusted accordingly and followed all rules and regulations in terms of employees that were let go."

The 40/40 Club was rumored to have failed a health and safety inspection just days before it was due to open, but the reports proved to be false and the club launched as planned with a star-studded party on 30 December.
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