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Smile...It Might Brighten Up Someone"s Day!!!
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Monday, December 17, 2007

"Stuntin Like His Step-Daddy!!!

Kim Porter's son Quincy had his "Sweet 16,' birthday party over the weekend in the ATL and the stars were out: Chris Brown, Lauren London, Jermaine Dupri, Rev. Run, etc.

Noticeably absent, Quincy's godfather & namesake-Quincy Jones and his father Al B. Sure.

Diddy presented Quincy with a brand new Range Rover and a 1964 Lincoln Continental for his birthday.


Kitty said...

That's messed up his father didn't even show up. He's prolly a deadbeat dad anyway. Q is lucky 2 have a stepdad like Diddy. Cuz even tho he's not a good boyfriend he seems 2 be a pretty good dad. when I turned 16 my stepdad bought me a bootleg Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt. And thought it was the hotness. Shoot I know I'm grown now but Diddy can still adopt me any day. LOL

Ebonne said...

Its crazy that Al B. Sure isnt in his son's life... and he looks just like his father... not like diddy is the best role model, but it takes a lot for a man to step up and publicly take care of another man's kid...

Secrets said...

Damn, his own father didnt even show up. Thats a shame.
What is he up to anyway?