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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kim Porter on Reconciliation

Diddy's ex-girlfriend Kim Porter staged a "dramatic" exit from the couple's love nest in July (07), because the rap mogul wouldn't have let her leave if she'd just walked out.

Amid reports Diddy had impregnated an Atlanta, Georgia woman, Porter waited until the hip-hop heavyweight was out of town - and cleared their home of her belongings.

And she took the couple's seven-month-old twin girls with her.

She tells Essence magazine, "There was no other way. You think he would have let me walk out the door? He wouldn't have wanted me to go... "I wanted to be dramatic. I wanted him to know I wasn't breaking up with him for two weeks - or maybe leaving for two days. "If I pack up everything - twins and all - it means I'm out! Puffy's an action person, not a talk person. So I had to have an action. Telling him, 'Babe, I'm leaving,' was not gonna do it."

Porter reveals she invited her "party-packing crew" to help her clear out: "My friends are very supportive."

In Related News: Diddy's on/off girlfriend Kim Porter has confirmed reports the rapper impregnated another woman shortly after the designer gave birth to the couple's twin daughters led to the end of their 12-year relationship.

Porter refuses to confirm or deny gossip suggesting an Atlanta, Georgia woman is expecting Diddy's baby, but admits the reports were a major factor in the couple's shock July (07) split.

She tells the upcoming October (07) issue of Essence magazine the scandal led her to question whether or not she could trust her boyfriend.

She decided she couldn't, and it was time to move on. When asked directly if the rumors about Diddy's infidelity led to the split, Porter says, "Hmm... Well, that definitely was part of it."

And, despite new reports the couple are planning a reconciliation, Porter insists she'll never wed the rap mogul.

She tells the publication, "He's not ready to get married. When I get married, I want to stay married. "I want both parties to be on the same page at the same time, and to leave a certain type of behavior behind. That's a commitment I don't think he's ready for."

Well I am glad that she has woke up!!!

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