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Monday, August 6, 2007

Slated to Perform at Virginia Tech...Families Disagreed!!!

The sister of a student killed by gunman Seung Hui Cho has spoken out about the inclusion of rapper Nas in an upcoming Virginia Tech benefit concert.

Following reports that families of seven of the April (07) massacre's victims are unhappy about Nas playing at the upcoming 'spirit-lifting' concert, Alicia Farrell feels a performance by the rapper - whose songs include "Got Ur Self A... (Gun)," and "Shoot 'Em Up" will be "inappropriate."

Farrell, whose brother Jarrett Lane was among the 32 people slain by gunman Seung Hui Cho, says, "My issue is not with Nas or his lyrics in any other place, but this is an opportunity for healing in the community. "It's the most inappropriate thing I could imagine hearing at such an event."

The concert, which is also slated to feature performances by the Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer, will take place on 6 September (07). Organizers state they have no plans to revise the line-up.

Spotted at Panache Report!!

1 comment:

sexyasIwannabe said...

It's amazing that these people are so stupid! Of course he's not going to perform either one of those songs at this event, did they think he was born yesterday! IDIOTS!