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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

O.J. Simpson Denies Beating Girlfriend!!!

O.J. Simpson has vehemently denied his girlfriend's recent hospitalization for "a severe head injury" is a result of physical abuse.

According to a police report, Christie Prody was taken to an intensive care unit in Miami, Florida's Baptist Hospital on Monday after hitting her head during a fall at a gasoline station.

American tabloid the "National Enquirer," alleged on Thursday a neurologist at the hospital where the 32-year-old is being treated has informed police her bruises and injuries are most often linked with an assault - not a fall.

However, Yale Galanter, an attorney for Simpson - who was acquitted of killing ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1995, but was found responsible for their deaths by a civil hearing - says his client has nothing to do with the injury and is not being investigated as a suspect by police.
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