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Smile...It Might Brighten Up Someone"s Day!!!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

John Legend Needs 2 Stop!!!

Singer/songwriter John Legend blames his beautiful girlfriend for his failure to pick up any Grammy nominations this year - because she's so beautiful he's not taken seriously.

The 29-year-old has won five Grammy Awards, but he insists his penchant for stunning ladies is stopping him from landing any more.

Legend is currently dating Thai-Norwegian model Christine Teigen, who he met while casting his new video Stereo. He says, "People are automatically condescending.

They expect her to be dumb and say, ''Oh, you're just dating a dumb girl because she's hot.' "But people judge you either way. If you're dating a girl who's kind of regular, you hear, 'Why are you dating her?' I don't get caught up in it. I'm more concerned with my happiness."

In Related News: "I've never tried to date a celebrity. I don't need the extra attention. I don't want pictures taken of me every time I step out of the house." R&B star John Legend doesn't pursue famous women.
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