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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger Gets Palm Read!!!

A Los Angeles palm reader who sat for a session with tragic actor Heath Ledger has revealed she told the "Brokeback Mountain," star he was set for a troubled, short life in 2006.

Ledger called on psychic Dame Darcy to read his fortune during a stay at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont hotel, and asked her to tell him everything about his love life.

But Darcy admits she couldn't help but notice that the actor had a lifeline with "many cross hatches on it", and told him "That indicates trouble."

She tells Life & Style magazine, "I was concerned about him, because I could see that hard times were coming. "Even though Heath was just nominated for an Oscar, he didn't ask me about his career at all.

He seemed far more concerned about his love life. He really didn't care about awards or his fame.

"I'm really sorry to hear about his death - he was one of a very few genuine artists that I met in Hollywood. He was also a really nice guy."

Ledger died on January 23, 2008. He was 28 years old.
May His Soul Rest In Peace.
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