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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Black Cheerleader Murder

UNION, S.C. -- A college football player and wife have been charged with killing a 16-year-old Union County High School student whose body was found Saturday in the Broad River.

Investigators said that Marisha Jeter was stabbed in the neck before her body was dumped in the river.

Jeter's body was found by art students taking pictures of the river on Saturday afternoon.

Police said the teen, who was a popular cheerleader at her high school, left her home about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, saying she was going to a fast-food restaurant.

The Union Public Safety Department said that Pernell Clayton Thompson, 20, and Yolanda Dee Thompson, 19, had asked Jeter to meet them near the Union YMCA on Thursday night.

Union Public Safety Chief Sam White said that investigators believe Jeter knew both of the Thompsons and had a prior relationship with Pernell Thompson. Police said Thompson's wife did not like him maintaining contact with Jeter.

During the meeting on Thursday, investigators said that Jeter was killed and her body was taken to the bridge over the Broad River that connects Union and Chester counties and dumped in the water.

Investigators said that Jeter's car was then driven several miles into Chester County, where it was set on fire.

"The man had married in the summer and there seems to be some hard feelings,” White said. “We feel like that may have more than likely lead to the jealousy."

Officers said that the Thompsons had talked with Jeter's family about some problems.

Pernell Thompson has been a football player at Wingate University for the past three seasons. Wingate University is located 35 miles east of Charlotte, N.C. Thompson was a wide receiver for the past three seasons. He was named to the all-state team in his senior season at Jonesville High School and he made the all-state academic team three years in a row.

Police said that the Thompsons have a child together.

Police were investigating the possibility that Jeter was pregnant, but an autopsy ruled that out.

Investigators said when Jeter disappeared, her family told the police about the Thompsons.

Marisha was the daughter of Manning Jeter, a former trustee on the Union County School Board.

Jeter's father said, "People have sick minds. Some people don't know how to turn around walk off and let go and leave people be and my baby is a victim of that."The Thompsons are charged with killing Jeter. They are being held at the Union County Jail. Police said neither of them have a criminal record.

"For someone to just mutilate my baby the way that they did, I can’t understand it. Can’t comprehend it," Manning Jeter said. "The life of a loving person has been lost for nonsense."The school day Monday at Union County High School began with a moment of silence in remembrance of Jeter.

Besides being a cheerleader at the school, Jeter was also a student leader and band member.
Friends said that Jeter, who was a junior, was also talented singer who was extremely well-liked and popular at the high school.

Union County High School Principal Joe Walker said that counseling will be available at the school on Monday for grieving students.

Walker said, "Kids just want to talk to somebody. They're not looking for answers today as much as they are just to talk to somebody and share the feelings they're having -- try to get them through that -- so they've got somebody to talk to and just relay the message we're here for them and we're going to support them."

Counselors, ministers and psychologists will be at the school to meet with students in "safe rooms" to offer comfort and counseling.

Walker said, "It's just a terrible tragedy for us -- just a young vibrant life we've lost -- it's a relationship. I don't look forward to thinking about the next couple days, but I am glad I got to share my time with her."

The school is planning a memorial later in the week.
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