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Smile...It Might Brighten Up Someone"s Day!!!
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This Is Me!!
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Janice Dickinson Talking Reckless!!!

Former model-turned-reality TV star Janice Dickinson is desperately back-tracking after calling retired catwalk favorite Tyra Banks "fat" on TV.

The two beauties clashed when Dickinson was a judge on Banks' America's Next Top Model show, and was asked to leave. Dickinson has maintained she wishes only the best for her former boss, but poked fun at Banks' body during a TV appearance.

She said, "You want to see someone who's fat, I'm sorry, Tyra, Tyra Banks is fat." Her comments enraged Banks fans and led to a public outcry, prompting outspoken Dickinson to explain what she said on U.S. news show Access Hollywood.

She says, "I was not criticizing her, it's the truth. She's large. She admits herself that she is a fat blank, blank, blank, referring to her derriere. "Ms. Banks is a wonderful lady and this is a big brouhaha over nothing."

Sounds like a little jealousy to me. Don't be a poor loser Janice...your show will take off!!!
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