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Friday, December 7, 2007

Colin Farrell's Stalker In Court...Again!!!

The black woman who tried to sue Colin Farrell for sexual harassment has been arrested for prostitution.

Dessarae Bradford launched and lost a legal battle with the Irish actor in 2005, claiming he pestered her with text messages.

She later burst onto the set of The Tonight Show while Farrell was being interviewed by Jay Leno.

Now Bradford is challenging a Los Angeles police officer who arrested her in an undercover sting.

She explains, "I was falsely arrested for prostitution - it breaks my heart to even type the words down. "A guy drove up to me, called to me very friendly and chipper. Being the social animal that I am, I went over, figuring he was just some guy looking for where the party spots are. Or maybe he wanted to see if he could get my number."

In a forthcoming lawsuit, Bradford reveals she plans to sue for sexism, ageism, racism, civil rights violations, profiling, entrapment, slander, libel, emotional distress "and much more."
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The [In]Urbane Goddess said...

You know what? I used to just laugh it off and say this was a random, crazy stalker. Then we saw the tape that proves he does have a thing for sisters. Who knows? Maybe this is a case of a one-night-stand gone bad!