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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ray Charles Getting A Play In His Honor!!

Several of Ray Charles' children are upset with a new stage musical they insist portrays the late soul legend in a negative light.

The singer's successors believe Ray Charles Live!, which opened at the Pasadena Playhouse in California last week, focuses too much on their late father's infidelities, and not on his musical success.

Charles' children claim nobody involved with the production consulted them about the production, and they have sent a letter airing their grievances to the theatre.

Their lawyer, Mary Anne Den Bok, says, "Everybody is pretty outraged. Ray Charles was a genius in many ways, not just musically, and this is just an attempt to exploit him.

It does Ray Charles a great disservice, and does not capture any aspect of his real life. "If we had our way, the producers would do a complete rewrite." Den Bok confirms the Charles family is "reviewing its legal options" about controlling the singer's name and image, but "not necessarily in relation to the play".

Pasadena Playhouse artistic director Sheldon Epps responds: "I would simply say that... all involved, including the company and myself, did a great deal of research into Ray's life. It is certainly our attempt to present a loving and respectful tribute to Mr. Charles."

Charles died in 2004 aged 73. His life was portrayed by Jamie Foxx, who won a Best Actor Oscar for Ray.

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clnmike said...


I cant blame the kids for thining that if it is not balanced. People will dwell on the negative just to sell more tickets. That is a damn shame considering the legends body of work.