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Smile...It Might Brighten Up Someone"s Day!!!
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This Is Me!!
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Friday, November 9, 2007

Explosive Blind Item!!!

"Blind Item" (Checkered Past)

It's always been rumored that this black female singer is a former big time prostitute. She was a streetwalker and the bottom woman for a pimp before she reached success.

She worked her corner for all it was worth-and she had a steady clientele. Over time, she became known as the Queen of the stroll.

She left the life after her pimp got arrested for a variety of charges.

She then hooked up with a big time baller who rolled in a fleet of luxury cars and wore over $100,000 dollars of bling on any given occasion. He loved to beat her, oddly, this seemed to make her love him more, she tells people,' he remains the love of my life.'

He also got busted and is serving a long stretch. It's rumored, she visits him in prison and puts a large sum of money on his commissary account each time she visits. She can't seem to shake him.

She moved on to a very rich and very married sugar daddy. They had a intense affair. A few years later they married.

This cunning and manipulating woman would dump him for another man who was on the "up," this man would also become very rich and powerful in due time.

After they divorced she became involved with a actor who comes from a family of talent. They had a reputation of-deliberately getting into heated arguments so they could enjoy makeup sex afterwards.

After they broke up, his sexuality came into question and still remains in question to this day.

Her marital status is also currently in question, according to who you talk to, she's either separated or divorced from a once famous man (in his field) who is rumored to have a drug problem.

This reformed hooker is a woman with a scandalous past and rich men were responsible for erasing her past. They were successful until now!!

Who could this be?!!!!

Pebbles!!! L.A. Reid's former mistress/wifey!!!!


melpol said...

I never had bad feelings about a hooker or gold digger. The reason fot that is I am not a jealous person or perfect.

A Family/Group Member said...

are you sure pebbles? I would have never guessed that one