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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

T.I. Held Without Bond

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rapper T.I., who was arrested over the weekend on federal weapons charges, was denied bond during a brief appearance in federal court Monday afternoon.

A federal magistrate said he must remain in custody for now. Federal prosecutors are asking T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., be held without bond until his trial, which could be several months away. U.S. Magistrate Alan Baverman scheduled a hearing on Friday to determine whether there was probable cause for Harris' arrest and whether he will qualify for bond before trial.

Harris was wearing a black shirt and black pants, with his hands cuffed and his legs chained, when he was led into the courtroom. He made eye contact with family members and sat in front of members of his family. He answered "Yes, sir," and "Yes, your honor," when asked if he had been provided a copy of charges against him and whether he understood the charges.

During the hearing the courtroom was filled with a standing-room-only crowd. Those who arrived too late were forced to stand outside the courtroom.
Photo Courtesy of AJC

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