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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kim K Recalls OJ Trial

O.J. Simpson split socialite Kim Kardashian's family up after her father Robert came out of retirement to represent the footballer-turned-actor in his murder trial.

The sexy Los Angeles boutique owner, who was once Paris Hilton's best pal, recalls holidaying with her Uncle O.J. and his wife Nicole in Mexico a week before Simpson's wife was found dead at the couple's Brentwood home. And when her father agreed to represent his best friend in the subsequent murder trial, it drove a rift between him and his ex-wife, Kim's mother, who was close to Nicole.

The socialite tells King magazine, "A week before the murders, we had just gotten back from Cabo (San Lucas), and Nicole and O.J. were trying to work it out again. We had this great vacation and then this happened.

"It was crazy going from house to house. My dad and mom wouldn't speak to each other. That was the worst time. "Finally, once the trial was over, my mom and dad were like, `We have four kids. We need to get it together.' They got it together and became best friends."

Ironically Kardashian's friendship with Simpson ended after the trial, according to the late attorney's daughter.

She adds, "He and my father kinda had a falling out. For no reason, they just stopped talking after the trial, which was strange."

I wonder if he told him the truth!!!

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