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Friday, August 31, 2007

Ne-Yo Is Waiting For Britney!!!

R&B star Ne-Yo is urging Britney Spears to get in touch with him - so she can record the two songs he's been holding especially for her.

After confessing he and the singer have fallen out over tracks he wrote for Spears' comeback album and then allowed Pussycat Dolls star Nicole Scherzinger to record, the hitmaker reveals the two songs the pop superstar really liked are still hers if she wants them.

Ne-Yo claims he wrote six to eight tracks for Spears but offered two of them to Scherzinger when she asked the songwriter for tunes for her debut solo album.

He says, "There were two songs that Britney really, really liked and I told them that I would set those two songs aside and nobody would hear them until Britney Spears' voice was on them.

"This was a few months ago and I haven't heard anything from them since."

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