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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Chris Tucker Starts A Riot!!!

Actor Chris Tucker caused former U.S. President Bill Clinton's bodyguards to panic during a visit to Ghana, when he pulled out a wad of cash in front of a group of poor locals.

The Rush Hour star visited Africa with Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey in 2002 as part of a trip to encourage economic development and the fight against AIDS on the continent. And, during the high-profile visit, Tucker unwittingly caused a small riot, panicking Clinton's secret service agents.

He says, "We went to Ghana one time and I started this small coup. I gave somebody a $100 bill in this marketplace. I was with Clinton and he wanted to shop because it was around Christmas time. "Somebody gave me a drum because they knew who I was. I was so happy and all I could give him was the money I had in my pocket. And I had a couple of hundred dollars. So I said, 'Here you go.' "And I didn't know that that's a whole bunch of money in Ghana.

Everybody seen it and said, '$100 bill!' And the secret service said, 'Get in the car! Get in the car!' "I said, 'What's happening?' 'You have given somebody a $100 bill, that's what's happening. That's more money than the whole country got! Let's get out of here. You started a small coup, boy.' "And Clinton's like, 'What's happening? What's going on? I've not finished shopping. I've got to get Hillary a Christmas gift.'"

In Related News: Chris Tucker's mother used to object to his routine until he bought her a house and she didn't say anything else, according to Tucker.

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