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Monday, August 20, 2007

Angie Stone on Worst Album!!!

Soul star Angie Stone was infuriated with music mogul Clive Davis when he asked her to change the name of her album, because it sounded too similar to her labelmate Alicia Keys' disc.

Stone originally planned to call her 2004 disc Diary Of A Soul Sister, but reverted to Stone Love after J Records boss Davis said Keys' second album was called "Diary Of Alicia Keys."

Stone-who teamed up with Keys and rapper Eve for the single "Brotha Part II," in 2002 - says, "I never enter into a project without a title first.

The only time that happened was when I was on J Records.

The title of my album was called "Diary Of A Soul Sister," then Clive Davis came to me and said I had to change it because Alicia Keys had "Diary of Alicia Keys," so I said, 'Well, I had my title first' and they said, 'Well, we gotta change yours.' "So then I came up with "Stone Love," and that title was not indicative of that album which is probably why that was my weakest selling album. I felt the trust had been broken and I was very upset that I had to change the theme. The album was supposed to have Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan and Roberta Flack and was supposed to be a diary of my life but we had to abort the concept of doing that kind of timeless piece of work."

Stone is now signed to Stax Records.

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