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Thursday, August 2, 2007

5 Most Disappointing Hip Hop Albums So Far!!!

Sure, we've seen some laudable rap albums this year, but we've also seen a busload of frisbee material. This list is not about the countless awful albums that dropped between January and July, it's about the ones that had initially had us in on the edge of our seats, only to end up in the recycle bin a week later.

1. Music Is My Savior - Mims: Ok, so he had the first No. 1 rap single of 2007. But that wasn't enough to keep Mr. "This Is Why I'm Hot" from delivering a lukewarm album.

2. Rich Boy - Rich Boy: After dropping the monster of a song that was "Throw Some D's" (so much that Kanye decided to throw some of his on it), anticipation for Rich Boy's self-titled debut was anything short of crazy. So, imagine our chagrin when the Alabama rapper's album turned out to be a waste of great Polow da Don beats.
3. Buck the World - Young Buck: For whatsoever reason, Buck decided that the best way to follow up his stellar debut, Straight Outta Cashville, was by making a few noteworthy songs and sandwiching them with filler material. Then he turned around and blamed DJ Khaled for not playing his records on air.

4. T.I. vs T.I.P.- T.I: T.I. fans are in denial on this one, but T.I. vs. T.I.P. is hands down the second most unimpressive album in Clifford's otherwise brilliant catalog, rivaled only by I'm Serious.

5. Red Gone Wild - Redman: We were excited to see Red back in action after eight years in label limbo. Unfortunately, the cloudy rhymes and second rate beats on Red Gone Wild barely struck a chord with listeners.

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