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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Usher Saga Continues!!!

Why doesn't Usher have a former intelligence agent on staff, like Chris Rock and Kobe Bryant to run extensive background checks on people in his inner circle. He can afford it.

Why wasn't his former fiancee Tameka checked out. This would have saved them a lot of embarrassment.

Due to the recent shoplifting allegations leveled against Tameka, it's doubtful she will continue to find employment as a stylist in the industry. Also, rumors are circulating that Tameka is not in her late 30's but she's allegedly 40 years old. And people are suggesting that Usher have her undergo a DNA test in regards to the baby, if she's pregnant.

According to Sandra Rose, Tameka was arrested in 2005 for stealing at the Tony Phipps Plaza. Not to mention the welfare fraud, the IRS investigation, the affair with a married drug dealer who fathered one of her children before his violent murder, her hospitalization, etc.

Where did Usher meet this woman, through a prison pen pal magazine? He would have been better off marrying a woman on a Reality TV show.

Also, Ryan Cameron is reporting that Usher and Tameka are still a couple and will marry at a later date.

According to Sandra Rose: Regarding a publicity stunt, "I don't share that opinion because I know L.A. Reid didn't shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a publicity stunt for Usher and Tameka. I'm told LA paid for everything as a wedding gift."

Update: Tameka Foster spoke to People magazine today about the rumors surrounding the abrupt cancellation of her wedding to Usher on Saturday. "No one knows why we canceled the wedding, but I can tell you that all of the reasons that everyone is speculating and writing about are completely untrue," said Tameka.

This union between Usher and Tameka is to much drama. I will definately not get tangled into their lies anymore. I will try to not report on this pathetic couple anymore!!!

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