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Smile...It Might Brighten Up Someone"s Day!!!
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Friday, July 27, 2007

In Case You Didn't Know!!!

At the time of Tammi Terrell's death, she was engaged to be married. The man was one of the most prominent black doctors in the world, based in Philadelphia. Marvin Gaye was thrilled that Tammi had finally found happiness and was finally in a non-abusive relationship. Sadly, she would never see her wedding day.

She could always count on Marvin. According to her sister, Ludie, Marvin was her best friend and confidant. He knew her better than anyone.

At Tammi's funeral, Marvin approached Tammi's parents and thanked them for creating a beautiful human being whom he had the pleasure of knowing.
Ludie confirms, Tammi and Marvin were "never" romantically involved and her death nearly destroyed him because he lost his best friend.

Ludie also reveals, Tammi encouraged her first puppy love relationship. Ludie's first childhood boyfriend was Stevie Wonder, whom she often referred to as her "little sweetheart."

Spotted at Panache Report. They have a great Old School Fact Page!!!

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