Smile...It Might Brighten Up Someone"s Day!!!

Smile...It Might Brighten Up Someone"s Day!!!
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This Is Me!!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blind Item:


I have heard numerous complaints from black entertainers (not A-list) and black patrons, that they have a hard time getting into some of L.A.'s trendiest nightspots. Some of these clubs have a "black quota," and they employ African-American doormen to reject black patrons to protect themselves from racial discrimination suits.

But, I recently learned, their is another element at play here.

A white female celebrity has called a few of these clubs and openly complained about the number of blacks in attendance when she attends.

She says, "being around too many blacks make me uncomfortable." If you don't exclude some of them, I will make sure, "young white Hollywood," finds another club to attend. I will call all of my white celebrity friends and ask them not to attend you club-your establishment will be blackballed.

Club owners cave in to her demands because this celebrity and her friends bring notoriety to their clubs as well as good publicity.

This white celebrity is often in the company of blacks despite the deep resentment she harbors and she talks about these same blacks like a dog behind their backs with her white friends.
It's common for her to use racial epithets to describe her "so called black friends," when they're out of earshot.

Could this be:

Infamous Hieress at play!!!

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