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Smile...It Might Brighten Up Someone"s Day!!!
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This Is Me!!
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Friday, July 27, 2007

Blind Item of the Week!!!


According to a member of his security detail, this "new school" singer is gay.

It’s obvious because every time he’s pictured with a woman he goes out of his way to milk the publicity and he’s also known to alert the media.

This singer likes the “rough neck” types behind closed doors and he’s very delicate and likes to play dress up. He also likes lip-gloss.

He’s the “girl” in these secret liaisons. And, the ATL is his favorite spot to pick up gay men, because he considers this the "Black Gay Man Mecca," his personal playground and private Disneyland.

Some celebrities release their own sex tapes and pretend that the tape was stolen or their cell phone was hacked.

I wouldn't be surprised if this singer paid a girl to appear in a sex tape with him (and then leak it).

Only problem, will he be able to get aroused with a woman?

Hint: It’s not Chris Brown.

Then it can only be:

1 comment:

sexyasIwannabe said...

I honestly do not believe NEYO is gay! Maybe he's a man that lacked having a father/man in his household growning up......Sorry but I find him to sexy to be gay and even if he is, it's his personal business I still love his music! any lyrics by that man has meaning! GO NEYO WITH YO SEXY FINE A**! UMM!!!!